Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fun weekend!

We had a really fun weekend. :-) Friday night we did nothing, which is always nice after a LONG workweek. Randy's sister, Beth, and two of her kids, daughters Megan and Abby, came to hang out on Saturday and spend the night! Megan and Beth went to a wedding in Indianola so Randy, Quinn, Abby, and I got to play all evening. We ventured out to church, which was an experience with two infants. (Abby is 4 months old). It was funny to see people puzzling when they looked at us, trying to figure out our dynamic - two twenty-somethings with a seven-month-old and a four-month-old. Love it! Sunday morning, we met another of Randy's sisters, Maria, at The Iowa Machine Shed for breakfast.

Mommy and Quinn! She is getting so good at standing - strong little legs. :-)

Ready to go to church! I love the size difference. I tried to get some pics of the girls together but a certain baby kept crawling away....

                                                     Hi, Mommy!

                                       so much pink in one place!

                                         last outing of the weekend!

Thanks for a fun weekend, Williams family!

On a side note, Quinn is becoming such a little person! She is just such a joy and a blessing in our lives. We have lots of friends who have babies that are turning one right around this time; that's pretty exciting! We will be celebrating Quinn's first birthday in no time.

Quinn loves to eat. I'm convinced she would eat anything we'd put in front of her. She eats a whole banana for breakfast almost every day and loves any fruits, veggies, and cereal. It is hard to say what her favorite food is because she's never rejected anything! I am excited to have her start eating cheese, yogurt, chicken, and more as she is entering her 8th and 9th months. She is also a fast and clean eater, which Mommy appreciates. We are now using her high chair instead of her Bumbo because she can buck out of the Bumbo. Her latest tricks are crawling to our fireplace and rattling the chains that make up its cover, as well as getting into the dogs' food and water bowls at Chrissy's house (day care). She is so good at playing independently and I just love watching her GO. Can't wait for all of the adventures to come!!

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