Friday, September 28, 2012

Fall 2012 Family Pictures

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First Birthday Party!

Last Saturday night we had Wes's 1st birthday party at our house. Forgive me, but I still cannot wrap my head around the fact that my littlest nugget has turned ONE. We kept things simple with just family (and my friend/Wes's godmother Gina!), pizza, a few salads, and cake. This year's theme was John Deere, and man, did Wes clean up! He got so many toy tractors, Caterpillar toys, and farm stuff. He (and Quinn) are in toy heaven right now. He is such a lucky little man!

Wes got his very own smash cake and went right to town on it. That is such a messy tradition, but it is definitely one of my favorite things about kiddoes turning 1!

Wes had more than a little help opening his presents...
Check out my new ride!
Not so sure about this...
Covered in chocolate cake and frosting!
Wes's "big" cake

Friday, September 21, 2012

One year ago...

Dear Baby Wes,

One year ago...

*I was sitting in an all-day Friday meeting at work while in back labor. A pregnant friend and I noshed on pineapple Starbursts, because she'd heard that pineapple can make a baby come sooner. :-)
*I was equal parts excited and nervous to become a mother of two. I remember crying out of anxiety one moment and then being giddy with anticipation the next.
*I didn't think I could get any less sleep because I was so uncomfortable at night.
*I was constantly afraid of my water breaking. When it actually did break, I couldn't believe it and wasn't even sure what had happened!
*my belly looked like THIS. Wow...

One year ago...

*I had drawers full of your tiny baby boy pajamas and overalls
*I was all stocked up with teeny-tiny Swaddlers and sensitive wipes
*I had a bassinet and car seat all ready to go
*I had lots of new, freshly laundered brown, sage green, and blue blankets ready for snuggling and swaddling

*I had a snuggly, sweet 18-month old girl who was the center of my world.

One year ago I didn't know...
*how tired I would be all. the. time.
*that I would get some pretty serious baby blues
*that I would be tested, challenged, and humbled as much as I have been
*that I would need so much help from other people

But I also didn't know...
*that I would be able to nurse you for a whole year! (Well, 11 1/2 months).
*that I could love two sweet kids as much as I do
*how your sweet coos and smiles would melt my heart
*how much fun it would be to be a "boy mom"! I love dressing you like a little man.

Happy almost-birthday, big guy!! Tomorrow night our house will be filled with family and friends. I can't wait to see you tear into your cake and play with all of your new toys. First birthdays are so special.

You are an absolute treasure in my life, and I almost cannot remember what I did before I had you! Love you, sweet boy.


Thursday, September 20, 2012


Wes has been climbing stairs for quite some time now, but Randy recently got a good video of our almost one-year-old in action. It is crazy to think that he is almost 1! looks like someone is going to be just as slide-crazy as his older sister!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

safety first!

just wearing some safety goggles!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2 1/2

Miss Quinn, today you are 2 1/2 years old!! Happy half-birthday to you, sweet girl. You are an absolute joy, and are just the nicest girl around. I get so many compliments from your teachers and babysitters about how nice and smart you are and what a good helper you are. This makes me so happy and proud of you!

At 2 1/2 you...

*are potty-trained!!!! This has been life-changing. For about two months you have been wearing big-girl panties every day. You still wear a pull-up for naps and to bed, but are very often dry when you wake up. You are so good about telling Momma and Daddy when you have to go. Keep up the good work, Princess!
*are still a good eater. You eat pretty much the same things we do. Last night you had corn, strawberries, cottage cheese, applesauce, and a turkey sloppy joe!
*drink out of a big-girl cup at meals and at preschool. We still do sippy cups on the go and in bed, and you recently picked out a new Nalgene bottle and have been toting that around as well. 
*are a great sleeper and napper. You don't always go to sleep as early as we'd like, but at least you are in bed by 7:30 each night. We can hear you singing and reading books and taking care of your babies. :-) On the weekends we can count on you to take a two-hour nap.
*love to play outside and would prefer to be on our swingset every day! You come home from preschool so, so dirty.
*are a wonderful talker. Your vocabulary grows every day! You mimic everything you hear and can even quote Toy Story (you watch it in the car on long trips).
*laugh all the time. I love it.
*can't get enough books. We read at least 10 books in the afternoons/evenings. Reading with you is such a special time for me, and I hope it continues for a long while.
*have a blast at preschool. Every day that I pick you drop whatever you are doing and greet me with a big hug. You always have a new craft to show me and have stories about what you played with. We have had a small handful of teary mornings, but for the most part you have had an AMAZING transition, and I could not be more proud of my big girl.
*are getting so tall. You still have that big baby head and baby belly, though. :-)
*are my sweet girly-girl. You love earrings, dresses, shoes, and [usually] getting your hair and nails done. I love it!
*love, love, love your baby brother. You always want to give him snuggles and kisses and make sure he is ok. We are still working on the whole sharing thing; right now you mostly just share your germs.

Well, baby girl, 6 more months until you are 3! I cannot wait to see how much you learn and grow this school year. I am so blessed to be your momma, and loving you makes me a better person each day.

Quinn after this fall's John Deere kids' "Fun Run"