Saturday, April 30, 2011

18 weeks!

It seems like my belly updates are getting more and more behind! This is 18 weeks, even though I am almost 19.

My wardrobe is getting very limited! Mostly maternity bottoms and regular shirts right now. I am glad school is almost out - 5 more weeks, I think - and then I can relax in shorts and t-shirts as much as I want. :-)

Friday, April 29, 2011

The view from above...

Hey, Mom! Just cleaning out the diaper bag!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

17 weeks!

My 17 week pregnancy milestone has come and gone. I have been crazy busy at work, so I haven't had much time to think about being pregnant. I have the day off from work on Monday, and I have a doctor's appointment that afternoon. Right now I have nothing new to report!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

13 months

Quinn's 13-month "birthday" has come and gone! It is crazy to think that we will be counting down the months until she is two. Even crazier, right as she is turning 18 months old, her new sibling will be joining our family. We will certainly have a full house!

What Quinn is up to - -

Eating....still pretty well. She is starting to get slightly picky about some things and is able to show us what she likes and doesn't like (usually by throwing it on the floor!). Some days she loves peas, others she hates them; the same is true for cheese and strawberries. Her favorites are still green beans, bananas, and any bread and cereal. Her portions are getting bigger, and I sometimes feel like she eats as much as I do! Maybe those "big-eater" days make up for the "hunger-strike evenings," a new trend we saw a few nights this past week.

Sleeping....yikes. Generally pretty badly. A good night for Quinn is when she falls asleep at 8, sleeps until 10, wakes up and wants a drink, and then goes back down 11-6. Bad nights can be pretty overwhelming! We are hoping she goes back to being a good sleeper shortly here, especially because we worked so hard on sleep training her and getting her to fall asleep on her own. Bedtime is easy; it is staying asleep that we are struggling with.

Moving...still cruising and crawling at hyper-speed. Quinn stands independently, pushes her dolly in the stroller like a champ, but is reluctant to walk on her own. I truly think one day she'll just decide she is ready and will just take off. She is strong, healthy, and active, so no worries yet.

Teeth...everything except for the incisors! Teeth have been a real battle in our house, because they tend to come in as bloody, painful messes and bring any semblance of normalcy to a screeching halt. We will be glad if those incisors don't make an appearance for a while!

Chatting....and babbling, and beginning to form more words. It's exciting to hear what sounds she makes! Mama, Dada, bye-bye are mastered for sure, and I hear an "uh" (up) once in a while, too.

Hobbies....organizing, playing with everything, reading books (!!!), watching t.v., snacking. She was too busy in our kitchen to take a real 13-month photo. :-)

Where she keeps one of her favorite things: the phone book!
Oh, hey.
Almost too tall to stand under this open drawer!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Yes, this is Quinn. 
Hold on, I'll text it to you.  
Never mind; "Itsy Bitsy Spider"
is on.

Happy Friday, friends!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

15 weeks!

Looking at this photo, I can't believe I am only 15 weeks along. I feel like I have been pregnant forever! I am feeling good, though, so I can't complain!

My sister and I went on a quick shopping trip this morning and I got LOTS of new things for baby. It is so different shopping for two kids: I look at both sides of Gap, think about whom would fit in what when, etc. It is exciting, but for a planner like myself quite the endeavor! Baby's wardrobe is growing with each trip to the mall! Much more importantly, though, I feel so blessed to be chosen as this baby's mother. It is strange to call him a "him," though we know his gender. I truly believe that every baby created and born is a miracle, and the whole experience of being pregnant is just awe-inspiring to me!

1 Samuel 1:27–28
"I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. So now I give him to the LORD. For his whole life he will be given over to the LORD."