Friday, September 21, 2012

One year ago...

Dear Baby Wes,

One year ago...

*I was sitting in an all-day Friday meeting at work while in back labor. A pregnant friend and I noshed on pineapple Starbursts, because she'd heard that pineapple can make a baby come sooner. :-)
*I was equal parts excited and nervous to become a mother of two. I remember crying out of anxiety one moment and then being giddy with anticipation the next.
*I didn't think I could get any less sleep because I was so uncomfortable at night.
*I was constantly afraid of my water breaking. When it actually did break, I couldn't believe it and wasn't even sure what had happened!
*my belly looked like THIS. Wow...

One year ago...

*I had drawers full of your tiny baby boy pajamas and overalls
*I was all stocked up with teeny-tiny Swaddlers and sensitive wipes
*I had a bassinet and car seat all ready to go
*I had lots of new, freshly laundered brown, sage green, and blue blankets ready for snuggling and swaddling

*I had a snuggly, sweet 18-month old girl who was the center of my world.

One year ago I didn't know...
*how tired I would be all. the. time.
*that I would get some pretty serious baby blues
*that I would be tested, challenged, and humbled as much as I have been
*that I would need so much help from other people

But I also didn't know...
*that I would be able to nurse you for a whole year! (Well, 11 1/2 months).
*that I could love two sweet kids as much as I do
*how your sweet coos and smiles would melt my heart
*how much fun it would be to be a "boy mom"! I love dressing you like a little man.

Happy almost-birthday, big guy!! Tomorrow night our house will be filled with family and friends. I can't wait to see you tear into your cake and play with all of your new toys. First birthdays are so special.

You are an absolute treasure in my life, and I almost cannot remember what I did before I had you! Love you, sweet boy.


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