Thursday, May 10, 2012

High chair!

We finally broke out the high chair for Wes. This is the same high chair that Quinn used, along with my sister's kids. It is still in really great shape! We have several phone books underneath the seat for now; Wes looks so small in the big chair. He is doing so well at eating solids. We had a rocky start with feeding him - we started during the 5th month, but then he got sick with his throat ulcer so we didn't start again until a month or so ago. He is doing really great, though! He's had lots of homemade veggies - squash, peas, green beans, and some yummy fruit - pears, apples, cherries - and has been eating bananas and avocados just mashed up. Recently we introduced Gerber puffs, and he's already on his second container. They are a huge hit! I am glad that he is turning out to be a good eater like his big sister.

Working on a plastic ice cream cone...
Bottoms up!

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