Wednesday, August 8, 2012


It is so funny the things that kids hear from their parents and then repeat.

Today at lunch, Quinn asked me if I was going to be a trainwreck when she goes to preschool tomorrow.

The truth? Yes.

Quinn, I can't believe you are headed off to day care tomorrow. You are going to learn so much! We have been talking about it all week, and I know you are so, so excited. I know that it isn't real "preschool" yet, but I can't wait to see all of the projects you create, sing all your new songs with you, and hear about all of your new friends. Wes and I try to be exciting at home, but I know you love to play with kids your own age. You deserve that opportunity.

You are so independent. You have been sleeping in your own bed for so long, play on your own so well, and are such a good helper around the house and with your brother. Tomorrow morning I will have tears in my eyes as you head off to school for the very first time. I'm not nervous for you at all, and I'm not sad to see you grow up. I can't wait to do even more and more fun things with you!

I am so proud of you. I see so much of both Daddy and me in you. When I drop you off and you skip to the nearest activity, pigtails flapping, goofy smile on your face, singing a little tune to yourself, please know that I'll be standing there, wishing you luck, craving one more snuggle but also ready to let you run.

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