Saturday, October 13, 2012

watch me grow: 12 months!/12 month stats

Despite the funny faces, runny nose, and drooly mouth, I promise you that Wes is as handsome as ever. :-) (Do you see the wave of destruction this boy leaves behind him?)

Wes,  your second year of life is off to an interesting start!

We had your well-baby appointment on Tuesday. You did great, except for an ear infection in one ear. Just a day later, we were at a different pediatrician's office getting you treated for bronchiolitis. You always keep us on our toes!

At 12 months old you...

*weight 23 lbs., 13 oz. (80th percentile)
*are 30 3/4" long (75th percentile)
*have a head circumference of 18 1/2" (75th percentile)

*cruise everywhere and walk with help.
*I have lost count of how many teeth you have. 12?
*wear mostly 18 month clothes and size 3 diapers. You have so many cute fall and winter clothes. You look like such a big boy! I definitely dress you for comfort most days. Bring on the sweatsuits!
*nap once at day care, but twice when you are home with us.
*sleep from 7 p.m. - 5:45 or 6:00 a.m. Let's hope this continues, because I love your sleep schedule right now!
*continue to love trucks, cars, and balls. You are getting into chunky puzzles and blocks. You are starting to love getting into drawers and cabinets and pulling everything out.
*say mama, dada, cup, and lots of other babbles. :-)
*are still a pretty good eater. With being sick, you haven't eaten much this week. You have enjoyed peanut butter sandwiches and cantaloupe lately. Maybe those are your comfort foods.

We love you so much, big boy! Thanks for a wonderful year. I hear you breathing in the baby monitor. You are sleeping so soundly. Every day with you is a new adventure. Happy 12 months, Wes!

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