Friday, December 21, 2012

This messy man.... getting tubes in his ears. After a rough fall/early winter with multiple ear infections, failed antibiotics, etc., our pediatrician referred us to the ENT for an ear consultation. Sure enough, Wes is a prime candidate for tubes. He will be getting them in early January. His procedure should be the same as Quinn's, except that he doesn't need to get his adenoids out like she did; this should make for a quicker recovery. I have my fingers crossed and a prayerful heart that everything goes well. We want our little man on the mend!

Fun fact: our referral came after a doctor's appointment where I took Wes to discuss food allergies. Turns out he only has exczema, which has actually cleared up significantly! Our doctor said the condition can be made worse when a child is a messy eater and often has food on his or her face. I don't know anyone like that...

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  1. So glad to hear he doesn't have a food allergy--but such a bummer about the tubes! :) Such a handsome messy little man!