Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Break

I am on Christmas break and loving every second of it! I have my husband and little sweetie home with me and am relishing in the peace and beauty of the season.

We had a fantastic journey back to Manning/Westside for the Christmas weekend. Randy and I both worked all day Wednesday and had Thursday off. We went home early Thursday afternoon in an attempt to beat the storm that eventually fizzled out. We swung by my parents' briefly to visit with my mom and then headed up to Manning to spend both Thursday and Friday nights with Randy's family. Christmas Eve was spent attending church in Manilla, eating far too much, and opening presents with Randy's parents and two of his sisters' families. We were able to Skype with Amy' family in Idaho. Quinn got lots of cute toys!

Saturday was spent hanging out and relaxing in Westside. This day was just my parents, Randy, Quinn, and me, except for my sister's family's brief sojourn en route to Denison. Despite having an ear infection (diagnosed today) and a cold in one eye, Quinn still napped wonderfully and was pretty good overall. She never tires of the toys at the Meyers' house!

Sunday was also spent at my parents' house. It was such a joy to watch Quinn play with her cousins. They are such sweet kids and love her so much! She wasn't too interested in opening presents at the time, but loved her new zoo playset and other toys once we got them open.

Ava helping Quinn!  

caught off guard! Playing nicely with Ella.  

a chair full of "Meyer" girls

The pictures are slowly getting uploaded from our cameras, phones, and through emails from family. I resolve to be better at blogging this spring! I hope everyone had a happy and healthy holiday.

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