Thursday, December 30, 2010

Recent milestones

I forgot to share that Quinn now has 8 teeth! They came in about three weeks ago, when she was just shy of 9 months old. She got FIVE teeth at once: four on top and one on bottom. Needless to say, we had some short nights in there...but she looks adorable now! Love them.

She is pulling up on everything: people, furniture, the tub, etc. While I don't think she'll walk for a while, it's fun to watch her get that process started. She is so strong! I see a future super-athlete, much like her mom. (Just kidding. Do you know me? Ha!)

teeny-tiny baby buns

She takes baths in the sink sometimes and sometimes in our big tub. We recently bought quite a few bath toys and she is having fun with those. It's so entertaining to watch her "swim" around/pivot on her tummy and splash everywhere while playing with her new boat, animals, and foam letters and numbers.

Have a great day!

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