Monday, February 28, 2011

Busy, busy..

So I don't have any pictures today (sorry!) but I promise that I have several VERY good excuses. More about one of those a little later. :-)

Quinn's ear surgery is scheduled for Thursday morning. She is getting tubes IN and adenoids OUT, and we are hoping that the surgery relieves some pressure and that she starts hearing at 100%. The doctor speculated that she is only hearing at about 60% now based on the blockages with which she is dealing. Luckily, she is so young that is shouldn't affect her speech development too negatively. She can't eat or drink or take Tylenol after midnight the night before, so Thursday should be a crabby interesting morning. The surgery isn't until 8:30 on Thursday. Randy is planning on taking off that whole day from work, while I'm planning on taking a half-day. The half-day point of my job is 11:30, so we'll see if I make it!

I have been busy with parent-teacher conferences, putting in several 13-hour days. Tonight marks the last night of spring conferences, and I will certainly be glad when they are done. I love seeing all my parents, but the nights get long. Quinn and Randy were out the door by 6:00 this morning for a chiropractor visit (Quinn's), so I had just enough time to get her her morning milk. I will be lucky if she is still awake when I get home tonight!

My mom stopped by on Saturday. We went to the Learning Post to pick up some teacher supplies, had lunch, and did a little bit more shopping. She also brought us a recliner (old for them, new for us!) Then, Randy's parents stopped by for church and dinner out. We had been craving Chinese, so off we went! Sunday was spent running errands and working. Randy had to turn off the water for a few hours (he is finishing the basement) so Quinn and I stayed out of his hair and at the mall!

I will share some pictures and some more updates soon. :-)

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