Thursday, March 3, 2011


We are at home. Quinn is recovering from this morning's surgery and sleeping well. Everything went fine with both procedures. It was super fast for them to take the adenoids out and put in the tubes! Quinn's throat is very sore and she had a hard time waking up from the anesthesia, but other than that we will see how the rest of the day goes. Mommy gets to go  back to work, so Q will snuggle with Daddy for the rest of the day and eat some nice, cool treats to soothe her throat. We are so glad that the surgery is done and feel blessed to live just a few minutes away from so many great hospitals and surgery centers! I am glad we didn't have to travel far with a sad, tired, HUNGRY girl! We are really hoping that the tubes make a difference and that everyone can finally get some sleep. :-)

not so happy (before)

wait, what's this on my ankle?  

sorry, sideways. enjoying the first drink in 12 hours! Yikes!

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  1. Poor baby :( I hope she is doing better! I know that is hard on Mommy and Daddy too! Love and hugs to Quinn!