Saturday, March 19, 2011

Bye, bye!

Quinn is such a good waver and waves bye-bye to everyone and everything. She was in an especially good mood right after her afternoon nap today and right before we went to church. Please excuse the toy graveyard currently in my living room. :-)

snacking on some raisins!
My mom left earlier today. She stayed with us Thursday night and Friday night! We went to Williamsburg/Coralville on Friday and shopped ALL day - literally. I got tons of cute stuff for Quinn and for me (including, yes, maternity clothes. Yuck!). Today, we ran a few more errands, had lunch, and she took back off for home! We love having her stay. Quinn is crazy about her, and I think Grandma likes getting in some snuggles, too. Thanks for a couple of fun days, Mom!

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