Tuesday, May 17, 2011

14 months :-)

Quinn is 14 months!

What Quinn is up to - -

Eating....GREAT. We have loosened the nutritional strings a bit and she's gotten to have a few treats here and there, like pizza, cake, cereal bars, even hot dogs. :-) Randy and I don't eat perfectly all the time, and it's easier to feed her what we eat. With two busy parents and a pregnant, hungry momma, our dinners can be random, but it all works!

Sleeping....yikes. Next, please.

Climbing everywhere. Her newest feat is going up ALL of the stairs, and then all the way back down. She's mastered both climbing and descending with only one real tumble so far. She is so fast. We have a baby gate for our upstairs, but we don't have one that is wide enough to keep her from going UP the stairs. We'll see..

Lots of talking! Her latest is "no," even when she means yes. :-) Once in a while she will put a phrase together like "no, mama" or "bye, mama" but it is still mostly one intelligible word in a string of babbling!

Hobbies...Quinn still loves to organize and sort everything. She has a cabinet that is all hers, with my Tupperware in it, and also loves to organize the koozie drawer and the bib drawer. She got a new ball that she is rolling and playing with constantly. She is also getting great at throwing things like blocks and seeing how far they can go. We might need to rein her in on that one. :-) She watches TV sometimes in the afternoon and loves "Curious George."

Our little critter really is a sweetie. She loves to crawl in your lap and throw her arms around your neck and give you lots of wet, sloppy kisses. Parenting is definitely a challenge, but this is a really fun age. :-)
My mommy is hilarious!!

Typical Q face

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