Monday, January 9, 2012

Funny Girl

Quinn is extra silly these days. She is at such a great age!! We laugh constantly at all of the things she says and does. One of her favorite words lately is "funny." She is getting great about putting in snack requests (usually "cookies" or "eggs" or "crackers"), and of course, telling Momma and Daddy "no" to everything. Just today I had to run into work after I picked up the kids from day care. I think I've spent so much time convincing Quinn that it is fun to go to work with me that she really does like it! When I wanted to leave today, she was sure to tell me "no home, Momma, play!" Playing for her is pressing her nose and face against all of the freshly cleaned windows in the atrium....sorry, janitors! She also loves counting all the stairs at my school and going "knock-knock" on all the teachers' doors. I remember playing at school while my mom did bulletin boards and other weekend stuff, and I love that Quinn already enjoys being at work with me!

There is lots of talk of potty and poo-poo around our house. When she has a dirty diaper she loves to blame it on someone else. I think I heard "Wessy stinky poo-poo!" ten times tonight.

We love our sweet girl. She (sometimes) loves to give snuggles and kisses and squeezes, is crazy about Gerber sippy cups, can't get enough of babies and dollies and teddies, and amazes us with how many new things she learns every day. She will be 22 months old in just a few days. What a big girl!

Silly girl in Wes' bouncer
I can still fit in this swing!
Looking particularly disheveled en route to a bath, deli ham and sippy cup in hand!

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