Tuesday, March 6, 2012

When it rains...

Well, our little man has had quite the few days. He did not sleep well at all over the weekend; he was rarely down for more than an hour or two overnight, and he took just a few power naps during the day. Needless to say, Wes was crabby, and Mom and Dad were tired! To top that off, on Sunday, Wes and I fell down the stairs into our garage. I managed to hold on to him the whole time, but he still hit his face hard enough to give him a good scrape and to bruise that sweet baby skin. I have some pretty significant bruising and scrapes, but I am just thankful that neither of us got hurt worse.

Randy took Wes to the doctor yesterday morning. She noticed that both of his ears were red and inflamed, so he is on an antibiotic for that. She was also concerned about junk in his lungs, so we are supposed to listen and watch him closely. He does seem to be feeling better since starting the antibiotic, though. He actually slept 9:30-5:30 last night, and we only had to get up once to soothe him with a pacifier. Considering his sleep history, this is amazing progress!

Let's hope that this ear infection goes away soon and that all four of us can be healthy at the same time! We are looking forward to celebrating Quinn's 2nd birthday this weekend with family and friends.

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