Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quinn - 27 months

So with all of the monthly updates on Wes, I realized that I haven't said much about my #1 girl lately! At 27 months old, Quinn is certainly a spunky, entertaining, sweet girl.

Quinn, at 27 months old you...
*know most of your letters! I am amazed at how you can "read" already.
*know colors and shapes.
*count pretty consistently up to 20.
*love to play outside, especially on swings and slides, go swimming, read books (over and over and over...), help Momma cook and bake, build with blocks and Legos, color, and play soccer and basketball and "catching" (catch).
*love animals, especially dogs and cats. You love to play pretend as animals, too, complete with sounds, walking on all fours, etc. I love your imagination!!
*are getting to be an amazing little talker. Some of the little phrases you come up with just crack me up. We were eating popcorn this morning, and you went over to Wes, shook your bowl at him, and said "You can't have this, Wes; you're just a baby!"
*love your little brother...except when he gets handsy with your stuff. You are quite territorial.
*are still in diapers...
*take a great nap every day. I hope that this continues for a long while.
*usually sleep 8 pm-7 am.
*are still a pretty good eater. You are pickier than ever about veggies, but you still have your favorite vegetables, so those make an appearance at every meal! Your favorite foods are corn, waffles with peanut butter, eggs, bananas and apples, yogurt, applesauce, raisins, toast, and graham crackers. Pizza and ice cream are still your favorite treats. :-)
*are pretty outgoing and friendly.
*are getting sassier and sassier by the second!! You have your naughty moments, but you are so sweet that it is hard to stay mad at you for too long.

Baking cookies! You love to use the hand mixer.
Future engineer?
No pictures, please.

Helping Momma make a big mess homemade taco seasoning
Sharing ice cream with Daddy
We love you, Quinn!! You test us, challenge us, and make us smile every day. We are so blessed to have you in our lives!

While we try to teach our children all about life,
Our children teach us what life is all about.
~Angela Schwindt

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