Monday, June 11, 2012

Week at Grandma and Papa's...

Last week Randy traveled to Detroit for work, so the kids and I seized the opportunity to go to my parents'! Quinn is absolutely crazy about her grandparents and had a wonderful week! Wes and I had fun, too. :-)

One of her favorite chores: feeding Grandma's turtle!!

Watering flowers...
"Hi, Orangey!"
Early-morning turtle chase (yes, around the kitchen floor)
Wesley's turn!
Feeding the horses with Papa
Country girl
So brave!
We had such a great week. I took hardly any pictures because my kids were being so cute and just enjoying small-town life. We took lots of walks, played at the Westside park, went out to eat, and just soaked up the summer.

Thanks for a fun week, Mom and Dad!!

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