Monday, July 30, 2012

First haircut!

Last week Randy was traveling for work so the kids and I headed to my parents'. One of the highlights of our week was Quinn's first haircut!! I love, love, love her long hair, but it was getting really scraggly and needed a trim. It looks healthier, shinier, and thicker than ever! I think this cut will help it grow even more beautiful!

We went to Great Clips in Carroll to be easy and fast. The girl who cut Quinn's hair said that Quinn was the best first haircut she'd ever had. Quinn was absolutely perfect; she sat in the chair like a little princess and didn't make a peep the entire time. I was so proud of her and admittedly a little surprised at how well she behaved. Yesterday for church was the first time her hair was really "fixed," and it looked cute! Definitely not a huge difference, but certainly a very important milestone. :-)

Before from behind

Attitude! [before]
Snip, snip!

Almost done!
Cheese, Momma!
After! Happy with a blue sucker.
A few inches were taken off the back
Clipped back and ready to go!

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