Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Birthday Blues - Part I

So, today is my birthday. The big 2-5! However, I am not one of those people who really enjoys their birthday. They tend to get me a little down, though I am not sure exactly why. I don't have a fear of my own mortality or anything like that...I think I just always have these super high expectations of what the day is going to entail and then I am let down.

BUT...this year I had someone extra special with whom to celebrate. I am home on maternity leave, so Baby Quinn and I got to spend my birthday out and about! The day started out a little slowly. Quinn woke up and didn't nurse well, which is SO unlike her because she has been an awesome eater since literally hour one of her life. I gave her a bottle to try to get her to eat, and once it was done, she spat the whole thing up (all over Mom, yes. :-) ) She slept off her sour tum for a few hours in our bedroom while I diddled around upstairs.

We then went off to Valley West Mall. I had a 15% off clearance coupon for Penney's and wanted to use it today in conjunction with a gift card I'd gotten from my parents. I don't know how to use Quinn's stroller, so I just hauled her baby carrier around. For containing such a tiny gal, that thing is HEAVY! Well, I found a few things I liked for Quinn so we got those.

THEN, the best part. My favorite sandwich in the entire world is this roast beef sandwich from a restaurant called Iowa Bakery Cafe on 42nd and University, near Drake U. I went there all the time in college and always got the same thing. I try to get it when I am near campus for grad school business, too. However, I avoided the cafe for 9 months because my favorite sandwich is a preggo nightmare! I watched what I ate really closely while I was pregnant, and this sandwich did not make the cut because it had lunchmeat, sprouts, and bleu cheese on it - all things you are supposed to avoid! Needless to say, I enjoyed it very much today.

After lunch, Quinn and I have been snoozing, catching up on email and laundry, and just hanging out. We are excited to see Daddy when he comes home and find out what the rest of my birthday has in store!!

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