Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mother's Day/Grad. Research/Daddy

Let me fill you in on my past weekend.

On Saturday, I presented my research for graduate school! Everything went great. I passed! I am so excited to have my masters degree. I actually started in the spring of 2008 so it has been a 2 1/2 year process. I got two additional teaching endorsements in the process, so I have just been going to school nonstop for what seems like forever. You're welcome, Drake. :-)

I didn't get any photos of me doing my research, but here is me before I left. Incidentally, this is the dress I wore to my high school graduation (sans cardigan). What's old is new again!

The next day was Mother's Day! My first...loved it. We went to church the night before so we got to sleep in a little bit and relax! Randy, Quinn, and I went to Pizza Ranch with our friends Brian and Lindsey.
Finally, I just want to share some pictures of Quinn and her daddy. I feel like they have such a sweet, special relationship. Not surprisingly, Randy is a terrific dad and has been a godsend during what was a stressful, busy spring for me.

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