Thursday, June 24, 2010

Quinn update

I am using this opportunity to post an update about Baby Quinn! She is 3 1/2 months old now and changing so much now. Here is what is going on in her life...

*Most notably, she is rolling over! This is huge, and we are SO proud of her. She has been rolling over tummy to back for a long time now, but has just mastered back to tummy! She LOVES to spend time hanging out on the floor on a blanket, so she's had lots of practice. She hasn't mastered rolling over in succession yet, so she's still relatively immobile. I often leave her on my bed when I am getting ready in the bathroom (probably only 5 feet away and with a perfect view of her) but I will not be doing that anymore!
*We have been working hard on taking "big-girl" naps. I really like her to take three good-sized naps each day instead of innumerable catnaps. She is much less fussy and happier overall if she sleeps for at least 50 minutes. Obviously, this doesn't work every day because there are always errands to be run and I feel like we are always on the go, but on the days we are home all day our routine works pretty smoothly.
*We are going to start Quinn on food shortly. I know she's young, but she's starting to get less and less satisfied on milk alone. Since she can hold her head up, takes medicine like a champ, takes interest in our food, etc., it won't be too much longer until she is chowing down veggies! (Pureed, of course. :-) ) We are hoping this will cut down on some afternoon fussiness as well.
*She's still sleeping through the night! At 6 weeks, she was sleeping for a 6-hour stretch and that slowly has increased. She usually has her last feeding about 9:00, goes to sleep around 10:00, and wakes up for Mommy about 7:30. No complaints there!
*She is getting less snuggly. She likes to be held upright like a big girl, not cradled. She loves to be walked with, too, either in our arms or in a stroller.
*Quinn has officially grown out of all of her 3-month jammies! She is in 6-month size now. Can't wait to find out what she weighs when we go to the doc in July.
 *She is still sporting the blue eyes and reddish-brown hair. We are wondering what features she is going to keep.

I wanted to include some snapshots we took on the day of her 3-month photos. We only got the complimentary 10x13 from Picture People, but nabbed some pics of her that day as well. LOVE this outfit!

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