Monday, June 14, 2010

Weekend in review...

We had the best weekend!

We made the journey to Mt. Carmel, Iowa, on Saturday to see my friend Krista Berger get married to Nick Heuton! Of course, Krista looked gorgeous as ever. We saw lots of old friends and got to catch up with people we haven't seen for a long time. It was great! We stayed just long enough to eat and have a few drinks and made it home before Q's bedtime. We got her in her jammies for the road so she'd be comfortable for the long ride home.
                             MOH Julie Berger (soon to be Lueth!) and Jill
                                          Jill and the beautiful bride!
                                                Daddy multitasking!

Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day! (I, um, didn't know it wasn't until this coming weekend...oh well). Quinn and I had gotten Randy a card and a bottle of wine earlier that weekend. We got a call early Sunday morning that Randy's sister Beth had had her baby girl! We had a full agenda that day so we decided to head back to Denison to see the new bundle of joy later that evening.

First, we went to Valley West Mall and did a little shopping for Fake Father's Day. Randy really wanted a new suit, but ended up just getting a few snazzy new shirts. We then left for Ames. What should have been a short trip turned horrible! We got stuck in an accident's traffic for almost an hour. We ended up getting to Ames right in the nick of time with no time to spare for lunch or a bathroom trip! I had to feed Quinn in the car and she managed to vomit all over Mom. Love it! :-)

While there, we watched my niece, Ava, perform in her dance recital! She did SO great, no surprise.

                     Tiny dancer :-) She is in the front row on our far left.

Then, Randy and I went out to my sister Beth's house (so many Beths in my life!) and visited with family while Beth and Ava hung out at the recital. We skipped out before dinner (it was Beth's husband Brent's birthday and, of course, Fake Father's Day) so we could travel to Denison.

We got to see Baby Abby Williams at the hospital right away! She is so beautiful and another precious blessing our family. She is Randy's/my 10th niece/nephew! I love our growing family.

                                                Tiny miracle. :-)

                                                Pretty Baby Abby!

We went out to dinner with Randy's family. We saw our friends Ben and Jess! Hi guys; miss you! We went back to the hospital to have cake with Randy's dad (it was his birthday, too!) and say good-bye to the Williamses and Baby Abby.

We stopped in Westside to say hi to my mom and dad and then made the [long] trip back to Waukee. We were home just before 11:00. I have not ridden in a car that much for a long time. It is so worth it to see such great kids, family, and friends. Happy birthday to Brent and Denny; congratulations to new parents and those newly married; thanks to all for keeping us busy!

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