Sunday, September 11, 2011

18 months!

Sweet girl,

You are 18 months old! You continue to amaze your daddy and me every day. You have recently started to get into "babies," both real (like the one you give kisses to in your mommy's tummy) and the ones you snuggle with and to whom you give stroller rides. You are getting so independent: you can put your cups and bowls on the counter when you are done with snack, and you can even throw things away "all gone" in the garbage can. You are getting so good at listening: you will [usually] come when Mommy and Daddy ask you to brush teeth, change diaper, etc. You ask for a snack or drink when you are hungry or thirsty, and are getting better every day at letting Mommy and Daddy know what you want. In just the past few days, you have been asking for "pretties" (bows/clips) in your hair. This makes your momma almost swoon with delight! You are starting to let us know when you have gone to the bathroom, which might mean that we start potty training after the baby comes! I am still convinced that you are the world's best eater.

I get tears in my eyes when I think about how you are going to be a big sister in a matter of days/weeks. You are so sweet and loving and cuddly, and it is crazy to think that you are no longer my littlest baby. I am not sad that you are growing up, though; I look forward to all of our exciting adventures and challenges together. You are on a car trip with your daddy right now and I am missing you like crazy! Every day I look forward to lifting you out of your crib and having you wrap your sweet, sleepy self all around me and my belly.

Things are going to change around our house very soon. You will no longer be an only child; you'll have to share your parents' laps and attention, and I hope you will be ok with that. We are a little worried about the transition, but I am sure you will be fine. We promise to spend lots and lots of time with you and make sure everyday you feel loved.

examining Mardi Gras beads @ Waukeefest parade

Mouth full of pancakes. Typical! :-)


  1. Awwww, this is so sweet! Quinn is a rad little girl. :)

  2. Thanks, Angela! Can't wait for you to meet your little guy. Start a blog, please! :-)