Tuesday, September 6, 2011

productive weekend!

We had a VERY productive weekend. I was looking forward to having three consecutive days off to get lots of things organized. I have been more than a little stressed about our baby's impending arrival, so it was nice to check a few things off of my baby to-do list. Being, you know, 37+ weeks pregnant makes it hard to do some physical tasks, so it was nice (as always) to have Randy and my mom around this weekend.

Some things we got done...

Both kids' rooms painted! The nursery is now a beautiful sage green. My mom is making curtains to match the walls, and I am so excited. It is such a peaceful, soothing color and will look great with the dark furniture. Quinn's new room (our current guest room) is a soft bluish-gray. Randy got her furniture assembled (black, cottage style), and it is all looking great! I have picked up a few decorating pieces here and there for her room and will be excited to piece it all together while I am on maternity leave.

I got lots of things ordered: diapers, wipes, a DOUBLE stroller (!!!), a new Boppy cover (we have an upstairs and downstairs Boppy because it is something I cannot live without!), and some other stuff I can't remember. Needless to say, my Swagbucks account has been depleted, but for good cause! Does anyone else use Swagbucks? I am borderline obsessed.

Birth plan written/organized. When Quinn was born, we had way fewer things to take into consideration. I am hoping the flow of things we have in mind plays out as nicely as we hope.

Bags packed for all four of us. Such a good feeling to know that all I'll need to grab on baby day are toiletries.

I bought some new Fiestaware. If I need to host a dinner party for 10, I am good to go.

Most importantly, we got to hang out as a family of three for one of our last weekends. Thanks, Mom, for coming on Saturday to take Quinn and me shopping and let Randy work! Love you.

Quinn is getting more opinionated about what she wears. In the picture below is an example of an outfit she insisted on wearing. Onesie, short shorts, fleece peacoat, slippers, and the ubiquitous Nuk sippy cup. It was about 90 degrees that day, and her hairline was soaked with sweat, but she would NOT let anyone change her outfit. 


  1. I LOVE Fiestaware - that stuff is almost indestructible! I just wish I had listened to Jeremy and gone with gray instead of the maroon. I don't like half of what we have anymore!

  2. I don't think they even make gray anymore! We have tangerine (orange), lemongrass (lime green), and chocolate brown. We are hoping it lasts for years!