Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4 month appointment

We had Quinn's 4-month appointment this morning! Quinn was a champ. :-) Our appointment was at 8 so it was an early morning for my late sleeper! Her stats are as follows: 14 lbs 2 oz., 24 1/2", and head circumference 16 1/2". That makes her in the 60 and 70th percentiles for the growth curve. She has gained two pounds in the last two months.

Of course, she also got her shots. She let out a few howls during them but was ok after, especially with a little Tylenol. I'd planned on going to get her ears pierced but in light of everything that's happened the past few days, I just made a quick trip to Target for some baby stuff. Afterward, we went over to Urbandale to see Randy and deliver him his phone charger and a snack. :-)

You can see her little Band-Aids in the picture below. She is also practicing holding her own bottle!

Thanks also, everyone, for the kind phone calls, emails, texts, Facebook messages, etc. during this difficult time for us. Cooper was really a part of our family. Our house is so quiet without him; I miss the soft footsteps upstairs and the nails on the hardwood floor. I keep thinking he's going to come around the corner any moment, begging for a snuggle, and I check his food dish at least five times a day. As with everything, I am sure it will get easier in time. Again, thanks to everyone for your kind words; we are blessed to have such great family and friends, and Cooper is blessed to have such a great extended family. He brought joy to our lives for a long time and he will be missed!

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