Thursday, July 29, 2010


I am down on the computer this morning, sneaking in a little blogging/email checking/work. Why am I sneaking?? It is because I want Quinn to stay asleep! She has been not sleeping well at all lately. It all started when we came back from Idaho last week. She decided (?) that she only needed two twenty-minute naps per day. You can imagine how crabby she was the rest of the time! Watch out! In addition, she stopped sleeping through the night, something she has done since she was about 7 weeks old. Her normal pattern has been sleeping from about 10-7. Recently it got to the point where she would only sleep sitting upright in her carseat or on someone's shoulder. In addition, she developed this crazy rash all over her body. I immediately thought that it was an allergic reaction, but I couldn't think of anything to which she might have come into contact that was new. I hauled her to the doctor, and he diagnosed a summer virus! It wasn't roseola or anything more serious than a little cold, so we weren't worried and were somewhat relieved that she didn't have any allergies. Our regular pediatrician wasn't available, so we saw the doctor who is actually my own primary care physician. I simply hadn't met him yet. Our appointment ran long because he found out I was a teacher and wanted an advice on how to get his 13-year-old son to become a better reader and writer. Right up my alley. :-)

 He checked her ears as well (per my mom's suggestion) and they looked normal.

Anyway, she has been marginally better as of late. She ended up taking one good nap on Sunday and two good naps on Tuesday, but otherwise her naps are still less than an hour (usually less than a half hour) and she is reluctant to be laid down. That makes it really hard to get laundry done or do anything for myself. Last night she almost slept normally; she woke up at 5-something and was willing to be put back to sleep. (Whew!)

Please know that I am in NO way complaining about the change in her sleeping and behavior. I know that there are many, many babies Quinn's age and older who aren't great sleepers and who fuss all the time! The deal with her is that she has been such a good sleeper and such a content baby for 4 1/2 months that this new extreme fussiness has been a bit of a shock! Obviously it all goes with the territory of being a parent. I know that Randy and I will have many sleepless nights to come, many sick children to cuddle, lots of visits to the pediatrician, tears and noses to wipe, and we are looking forward to every minute of it.

We can't wait to watch our family grow. :-)

I wanted to share a picture from me from a year ago! I am about six weeks pregnant here. Not showing, of course, but definitely kind of bloated and yucky. So happy!!

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