Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Busy little family!

It has been SO CRAZY around here lately. Randy and I both love to be busy, but this is nuts! I am going to update in shifts. :-)

Friday, after Randy got off work, we went to visit a day care center here in Waukee to which we were ready to commit - more to come about that later. We toured, and the place was very nice and clean and everything, but Mommy did NOT do well on this trip. I was supposed to go to a party later on that night and really could not stop crying. Randy was nice enough to make dinner. :-) Instead of actually going to the party, Randy, Quinn, and I took a walk around the neighborhood, stopped by the party for about an hour, and went home for a bath. (Quinn did, that is.)

Saturday morning, we got up bright and early (as always with a newborn, right?) and headed back to Manning for our friend Sarah's wedding. I was nice enough to drive the whole way so Randy could read in the car. Normally, he always drives because I'm the total bibliophile who must always have her nose stuck in a book....but Randy loves car reading too so this was his turn. At Randy's parent's we got ready for the wedding, had a quick lunch, and were on our way to Defiance! 

Quinn looked beautiful - she wore a pretty pink tulle dress that my mom had gotten her. She was SO well-behaved at the wedding - a few hunger cries, but a bottle took care of that! Our pew at the wedding was all young mommies and daddies and babies, so we were in good company. I love how much our life has changed - definitely not anything wild and crazy, but interesting and rewarding for sure.

I meant to take lots of pics of the gorgeous Sarah CAVE, but didn't manage to, nor did I manage to get a decent pic of the Kasparbauer crew! Rats! I'm posting a terribly unflattering picture - I promise I don't really look that bad.

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