Thursday, April 8, 2010

My big girl!!

Quinn spent the first night in her crib last night! I was worried about that because she is so young (one month tomorrow). However, the bassinet situation was not working out the best! Baby girl is a NOISY sleeper! I love that she is so active, moving her arms and legs and making noise, etc., but it makes it hard for her roommates to catch any z's. It got to the point where after I would get her to sleep I would have to go down the hall and sleep in a guest bedroom and let Randy stay in our room with her. That was not helping anyone!
                              Quinn napping on the floor in her room :-)

I've been using her crib as a place to organize outfits for upcoming outings, but it has been cleaned out now. :-) She did a great job last night and slept from 10-2, ate, and then slept from 2:30-6! Wow! That is a long time to go for a month-old, nursed infant. She does eat every two hours during the day, though. :-) Not calling this a routine yet, because it's only been one night. Just wanted to share an exciting mommy milestone!

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  1. Way to go Quinn! Carson was eating every 2 hours for the first 2 months whether it be at night or during the day so you are super lucky! We can all hope that routine continues! :)