Wednesday, September 29, 2010

First Big Girl Bath!

Well, Quinn is officially home from "school"! She has pinkeye and two infected ears. The doctor was impressed with her pain tolerance; during her sickness she hasn't really cried too much at all. The one thing affecting her the most is that she hasn't been sleeping well. We have had a few late nights/early mornings lately! Randy stayed home from work to watch Quinn yesterday but is away on business to Waterloo today. I am home from school with her. :-)

Anyway, the other night, Quinn had her first big girl bath! This was the first time we have given her a bath and not used her little tub in the kitchen sink. We have a bath seat in which she can sit up. This was the first time we felt like she could sit up well enough to use it. At first she didn't know what to think, but eventually she was kicking and splashing everywhere and loving it! The warm air in the bathroom seemed to improve her congestion a lot, too.

                                                     so pretty

                                                   getting clean!

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