Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our 5k

Last Saturday Randy and I ran in the 1st Annual John Deere 5k! Neither Randy nor I are serious runners. We recently bought a treadmill and have been working out on that. I haven't made much time for exercise since I went back to work, but I am hoping to get better about that! Anyway, the 5k was a lot of fun. Saturday morning was gorgeous. Randy's sister, Maria, and one of her friends babysat Quinn while Randy and I trekked to Johnston. We both ended up with faster times than we'd expected! Mine, especially, was much better than I'd anticipated. I even beat people! :-) There were also lots of kids' races, starting with kids as young as one year old. Can't wait for Q to run next year!

          Jill after race. You can't see the shoes well, but they are pretty sweet.

                                              Sweaty and tired!

Did I mention that we somehow got locked out of our car during our race? When it was time to go we realized that we couldn't get in! Luckily we had a window cracked and my genius engineer husband was able to remove a windshield wiper and unlock a door. I don't know what I'd do without him!


  1. Good undertaking for both of you. I would like to see the one year olds run! Great to have a genius around when you need one! :) You must have found some tennis shoes after all your looking. JT