Sunday, June 26, 2011

Cabo 2011

For the past week, Randy and I have been in sunny Los Cabos, Mexico! His parents were generous and treated Randy and me and the rest of Randy's siblings and their respective families to a beautiful vacation at their time share. Randy and I went to Los Cabos on our honeymoon but stayed at a different resort. This particular resort, Royal Solaris, was all-inclusive. I have never stayed at an all-inclusive resort before; we loved all of the amenities and will definitely seek one out for future travels! We opted to leave Quinn with my parents so that she could stay on her routine with sleeping, naps, meals, etc. We missed her like crazy, but she had a blast at my mom and dad's. We are so blessed to have great parents (both sets!) who are such great providers.

We stayed in Omaha the night before our plane left because we wanted to be to the airport by 4:00 a.m. The flights (Omaha to Phoenix, Phoenix to Cabo) went off without a hitch, which is always nice. I was a little bit nervous about flying while 6 months pregnant, but my doctor told me to get up and walk a lot on the plane, which really helped. We got to our resort around 2:00 p.m., checked in, got our luggage taken to our rooms, and had lunch. Surprisingly, we weren't as tired as we had expected so we were able to swim most of that day and go to one of the fabulous buffets that evening with Randy's entire family.

The rest of the week was very similar to that! Most of the smaller family units split up and did their own thing, Randy and me included. We spent lots of time tanning and reading by the pool, enjoying the swim-up bars, and of course, eating, eating, eating. The food was incredible, especially breakfast. The resort has a few five-star restaurants as well, so we enjoyed some really fancy gourmet meals a few nights. I am very careful about what I eat when I am pregnant, so it was a little tricky to navigate what was and what wasn't cooked, what every meat dish contained, what contained and didn't contain seafood, alcohol, raw eggs, get the picture. I definitely had more than a few cheese sandwiches during fancy meals. :-)

Other highlights of our trip included some of our day adventures. We went shopping, went to an all-Spanish mass, took a lunch and drinks boat cruise where a few family members snorkeled as well, Randy went SCUBA diving, and lots of other fun little things. I am not a huge thrill-seeker anyway, so I was happy to sit on the sidelines with my big belly and watch everyone else do things that I wasn't allowed to do.

On our last day, we left Mexico around 2:00 and made it to Omaha by midnight. That put us in Manning by 2:30 a.m. after claiming our bags. We woke up bright and early, anxious to run to my parents' to see our baby doll. She was just as gorgeous and smart as we remembered and my parents were sad to see her go. :-) We missed her so much! It was a great trip to Mexico, though, and a very relaxing vacation overall. I'm still working on getting pictures organized, but here are a few highlights from our 2011 vacation!

Sleepyheads on our first day
two peas in a pod!
The big group - a little windy
A famous arch/rock formation. We saw this on our honeymoon, too. The water level was much lower this time so there was a sandbar underneath it that people could actually walk on. Some of our party snorkeled near here.

Randy's sisters and me out to eat
The big group after Sunday mass
some of the family SCUBA diving
View from our room: the pool area
Another view of the pool area
Why is it so hard to keep a hotel room clean? Our mess, day 2.
in a cab on our way to the Cabo airport! Going home!

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