Sunday, June 12, 2011

new camera!

Friends, I am so excited about my new camera!! I ordered it on Friday as a late anniversary/family present for us, and it arrived Saturday morning (!!) just in time for a car trip to Ames, so I had plenty of time to tinker. I am still learning all of its features; it is much fancier/more involved than my old GE Wal-Mart model! I have been wanting a new camera for some time but never sat down to do any research. I certainly do not fancy myself to be any kind of decent photographer, but it is nice to have a camera that will take photos of my kids that are not blurry or distorted.
smarty-pants Tanner helping me with the camera and hanging out with Quinn. Love her flip-flops!
Nice night for a spin around the driveway 
Such a big girl :-)
I got Quinn a used Cozy Coupe the other day at a garage sale. It is in pretty rough shape, but she enjoys it wheeling it around the driveway. If anyone else happened to get her a nice new model in the one would complain. Love you, Mom! :-)

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