Monday, June 13, 2011


I mentioned before that we drove to Ames this weekend. That was Saturday, and the trip was because my sister's daughters, Ava and Ella, were set to dance in their spring recital! We left right after lunchtime to watch the recital, then played at Beth's house for a while before a quick dinner at Applebee's and the drive back home. The evening was beautiful, and there was still plenty of time to play outside. :-)

Sunday morning we left bright and early to go to Randy's sister's house in Manning to celebrate Abby's first birthday. Last year we raced from Ames (dance recital) to go visit Miss Abby right after she was born! This year, we enjoyed the food, opening presents, and of course, playing outside on the BIG slide that the Williamses have, as well as their outdoor play house. Quinn and Abby played really nicely together, which is always fun to see. We would love to get a big swingset/play house for next summer, when we will have two kiddos ready for action! (Maybe the new baby will still just be snuggling Mama).
Getting in some pre-party Noah's Ark time at G/G Kasparbauers'
AKW opening gifts
Helping Abby with her new tea set

Ahh, fresh air!

Randy snuggling kittens; Quinn is still face-deep in the play house behind him.
After blog posts, I sometimes get questions about Quinn's (and my!) clothes. The tiered white eyelet dress Quinn is sporting here is from Goodwill, $1.69. :-) Her mama loves a deal!


  1. So cute! I hope you are enjoying your new camera.

  2. Julie - I am still learning. These pics aren't great, but I am getting in lots of practice!

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