Tuesday, July 12, 2011

16 months!

Quinn is 16 months today! Yay! I love being home with her for the summer. Here are just a few quick updates on what is new in the Kaspy house.

Sleeping....so much better!! She is sleeping now as well as she did when she was 9 months old (that's when she stopped sleeping through the night). She goes to bed between 8:00 and 8:30 and sleeps until 7:30 to 8:00. For months she has been wanting water in the middle of the night, and that has just miraculously stopped for now. Keep your fingers crossed!

Eating...we are working on fork skills! She does ok with a spoon, and the fork is getting there. Quinn is still a pretty good eater! She is less picky than most kids her age that we interact with, so I'll take it.

Talking...more and more! There are lots of things she says that only I can understand and way more that only she can understand, but we are getting there! She says clearly: mama, dada, night-night, ball, book, up, down, out, oh no!, uh-oh, yes, all done, no, cat, book, hi, bye, and her new favorite, BITE! She uses that a lot when she wants something we have that she hasn't been served, like ice cream.

We are working on other animal names and sounds, foods, "pool," "more;" she is getting better at "grandma," "papa," and "puppy," three of the most important words! :-)

Enjoys...reading books, playing outside, going to the pool, climbing stairs, eating snacks, watching PBS kids' shows, baths, playing ball, sorting/organizing, playing with big kids and babies, playing on beds

Dislikes...diaper changes, getting her face/hands washed

Looking forward to a few more weeks of summer with Miss Q!

Dirty face after a "bite" from Daddy!

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