Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Plan B!

So, Quinn and I had visions of grandeur about today. The weather was nice (just a little bit cloudy and low 80s), I had no real plans, the house was picked up...we were ready for the pool! After Quinn's nap, I wrestled her into a swim diaper, got her dressed into one swimsuit that turned out to be too small, undressed her and redressed her into another that I had forgotten had a broken snap (she wore it anyway), packed Quinn and her snack and water and the swim bag into the car, and off we went, only to discover...the pool was closed! I had NO idea why. Our pool closes early if there are too few swimmers or it is too cold, but neither made sense on a day like today. Puzzled, we swung through the McDonald's drive-thru for a Diet Dr. Pepper and headed home. Since we were already in our swimsuits, off we went to the backyard! We don't usually play outside in the middle of the day unless water is involved because it is too hot and it wears me out! I am still learning my camera - I need to adjust for brightness?!

posing for Mama!
going up my slide backwards
so big
isn't that a cute little hat? My mom made Quinn some cute outfits/hats while Quinn stayed with her a few weeks ago.
By the way, it turns out our pool was closed because a little boy almost drowned yesterday! We heard this on the news later. Apparently the lifeguards had to perform life-saving techniques on him and everything. Sad/scary!! We hope that the pool will be open tomorrow, though, so that we can get our fix!


  1. You should have called! We could have gone to my pool!

  2. Rats! I never got back to you about lunch the other week either - I am slacking!

  3. No worries! Next week sometime? I can't do Tuesday or Wednesday, but I'm free the rest of the week!