Thursday, July 21, 2011


So the title of this blog could be perceived in two different ways...

Quinn, Randy, and I are all HOME in Waukee after our vacations.

 Quinn's and my vacation was HOME to WESTSIDE! Hooray! :-) If anyone doesn't know, Westside is where I grew up and where my parents still reside. My mom still teaches, and my dad is retired from teaching but still works other jobs. They are seriously the best grandparents in the world! My mom has so much patience, and my dad is just so kindhearted around his grandkids. They all love their Grandma and Papa. This week, Quinn got so good at saying "Papa" and loved playing with my parents' cat and turtle. She is entertained by almost anything, so she had a blast just running around their house. Nothing is off-limits to kids at their place (totally child and baby-proofed) so she just has so much freedom. What a life for a 1 year old!!

Anyway, it was very relaxing to go and stay for a few days. I didn't take a single picture - we were having too much fun! I got to take a few naps and lay on the couch and read, so I was a happy camper. No stress!

Randy was out in Western Nebraska for work. His trip there took 8 hours! Yikes! We had breakfast together Monday morning and then went our separate ways. He got home Wednesday evening, and Quinn and I got home around 10:00. She went straight from carseat to bed without a peep, and Randy and I got to visit for a little bit. We were both tired from driving!

Now, home for two days before we hit the road again. This time: Omaha on Saturday. Summer is all about road trips, right?

Hoping for some summer fun in the sun today with Quinners! Happy Thursday!

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