Saturday, July 2, 2011

Week in review...

Quinn and I had a fun week! It was our first full week of summer home together (even though she went to day care yesterday so I could go to my doctor's appointment). I could get used to this. :-)

What have we been up to?
Swimming! Quinn and I went to the pool twice this week - actually three, counting today! I am working on getting her comfortable in the water. We are careful with her ears because of her tubes, but she doesn't mind getting her face wet or anything. I am so proud of how brave and social she is! She will go up to big kids, moms and grandmas, babies, and lifeguards, do her signature over-the-head wave, and chat, chat, chat! She is fearless in the water and loves to walk where it is deep (yes, she's gone under).

 Getting hurt! Monday at the pool, she skinned her face on a cement block. Skinned knees are nothing new around here, but she's got those, too. On Tuesday Quinn thought I was "getting her" (trying to change her diaper!) and she tripped headfirst into the corner of a baseboard, taking a big gouge out of her forehead. It bled a lot; I didn't know whether or not she needed stitches! I knew Randy would be home in an hour, so I just put Neosporin and a Band-Aid on it and called it good for the time being. He fashioned up a butterfly bandage for her to keep the cut closed, and we've had good luck ever since. It is definitely scary to see blood running down your little girl's face!

Playing outside! Except for the two 100 degree days we had, Quinn and I were outside for a few hours every day. You will notice she is wearing the same pink halter top in multiple pictures - it's her current favorite!
Just being a sweetie! Grandma came to visit one day. The picture from above is from before church this evening. I stuck a bow in her hair, and for some reason, she left it there! She hasn't kept a bow in her hair in several months, so this is huge for a mommy who wishes she had a girly-girl! You can't tell there, but her dress is a maxi-dress - floor length! I think it's so funny they make those for babies/toddlers. She is certainly a stylish girl, even with a big bandage on her forehead.

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