Friday, August 12, 2011

17 months!

Miss Quinn, you are 17 months old today! I am so excited for you to become a big sister in just a few short weeks. You are so smart and so sweet. Your sense of humor makes your dad and me laugh every day, and you are truly a pleasure to be around. You are starting to really test Mommy and Daddy, but we love your feisty, spunky personality. You are certainly not a boring little girl!

You are such a good eater. Mommy and Daddy can't believe how much you eat sometimes. Your recent favorite foods are whole wheat pasta with alfredo, toast, eggs, bananas, green beans, and grapes. You will eat almost anything else (even though you sometimes need spaghetti sauce to dip it in) and are a great milk and water drinker.

Your hobbies haven't changed much; you still love swimming at the pool, going to the park and going down the slides, playing with any toys, organizing everything, and reading books. You are starting to talk so much; we can't believe the new words you know every day. You always surprise me with what you can do. The other night I was wearing a Briar Cliff Football shirt and you started pointing out the Ts and Os. You will know the rest of your letters in no time! We have been practicing  numbers and are working on communicating by using our words (instead of shrieks).

You love to roughhouse with Daddy and comb Mommy's hair and rub her belly. You want to be just like your parents; I love it when you put on lotion and cook just like Mommy or work on the computer like Daddy.

Happy 17 months, dolly!

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