Monday, August 1, 2011

it's official....

We have a crib escapee! Yesterday, during Quinn's afternoon nap, Randy and I were working in our home office when all of a sudden we heard a loud THUD. You guessed it: Quinn had climbed (and proceeded to fall) out of her crib. We bolted upstairs to find her on the ground, howling. She refused to go back in her crib for her nap, so Randy made her a little bed on the floor with pillows and blankets. Later that afternoon, he lowered the crib all. the. way. I can barely even reach Quinn to get her out unless she is standing on tiptoes with arms extended! She went to bed fine last night and stayed in her crib. :-) We are still planning on transitioning her to a big-girl bed sometime late this fall, but definitely not yet!

Speaking of bedtime and official announcements, I think we have finally broken the habit of putting Quinn to bed with milk. To be honest, this was probably much more a crutch for Randy and me than it was something Quinn really needed/wanted. Since she was such a terrible sleeper for such a long stretch of time, giving her a bottle was the only thing that gave us any relief. Even though she's been drinking from a sippy cup for at least 6 months now, we just never got around to breaking the bottle-at-bedtime routine. The other day, I just decided I'd had enough (thanks, What to Expect the Second Year), so we made the change. We have had two successful days and two successful nights so far (except for the crib-climbing incident), and it seems so silly that we didn't do this at a year old, like we should have. Live and learn! I am ready to get rid of bottles in my cabinet for a while.

It is a hot day already! Quinn and I went on our walk and are enjoying a cold drink. Looks like a good day to play inside. :-)

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