Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Iowa State Fair 2011

This past Sunday morning, the Kasparbauers hit the fair! We decided to go Sunday morning because it was supposed to be relatively cool and we thought it wouldn't be too crowded. We got down to the fair about 9:40 and had a fun morning! I don't exactly love the fair, but Randy does, and I think it's important for Quinn to get to experience it, too. Last year, at 5 months old, she mostly slept through it. :-)


FOOD! Randy, Quinn, and I split a turkey leg, a funnel cake, a strawberry smoothie, and a corn dog between the three of us (NOT in one sitting!). They were all delicious!

Animals. Quinn is starting to get good at making animal sounds, so the animal barns were a great place for her to practice. We also went to a butterfly exhibit. We tried to get her to hold a butterfly, but she did not like them being on her skin.

Friends and family. We saw our good friends Jamie and Amy and their son, Maddox, Randy saw a work colleague, and we ran into my sister, her husband, and their kids! I always think it is so crazy that there are thousands of people at the fair and you always run into people you know. We saw Beth and her kids on our way out, just as they were getting started.

nom nom nom
learning with Daddy. I love to watch them together.
Coloring with Mama, who needed a break!

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