Friday, August 5, 2011

Fashionable Friday

Since I can't seem to get my dolly to look at the camera, I'm going to pretend that she is just posing and acting aloof. :-) The truth is, she moves SO fast and even the sports setting on my camera can't keep up with her (hence the blur)!

I love shoes for little girls! Quinn's feet are growing so fast, and those in her current size (6) are about to be too small. I bought these flats in gold and silver for "school" in the fall, but we are getting our use out of them now while we can! I live in ballet flats, wedges, and heels (but barefoot for now), so the thought of putting my little girl in tennis shoes makes me cringe a little. I have seen some cute pink Converse, though...

Bow tee: Carter's (outlet mall - part of a 3-pack)
Denim skirt: Old Navy (got it for something like $1.99 - came with an atrocious belt that my mom removed)
Silver ballet flats: Circo brand from Target

We are working on bows and hair clips again! Quinn now knows the word "happy" so I've been trying to emphasize how happy it makes Momma when we keep our hair accessories in! Soon enough, we'll have enough hair for a ponytail or little piggies...I hope!

Lunch date with Daddy today! We haven't seen much of him this week so we are REALLY excited!

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