Wednesday, October 19, 2011

19 months and counting

This past week, with little fanfare, Miss Quinn turned 19 months. I am a little bit sad that as she nears the end of her second year of life, the monthly milestones aren't quite as exciting. While she continues to amaze me every day, I know she is all "toddler" and no "baby" anymore. However, just in case this is the last monthly milestone this momma remembers to celebrate, I want to jot down 9 things to remember about 19 months.

To the beautiful Miss Q, I want to remember...

1. The way your little butt and legs look in leggings. I love to see you run!
2. Your wispy, blonde curls.
3. How much you love eating "nanas" every morning. You have had a banana almost every day since you were 7 months old! You are such a good eater.
4. How you go down the stairs like a big girl, holding on to the railing or onto an adult's hand.
5. The way you randomly "count." "One, freeeeee, seven, twooooooooo...."
6. Looking at books with you every day. You have to be in charge of turning the pages, but that's ok. We'll let you. :-)
7. Picking your magnetic numbers off the floor several times a day. You also like to sneak them into the little gap in the dishwasher so that whenever someone opens it, all of the letters spill out into the floor or into the dishwasher itself. Hilarious!
8. Your LAUGHS. You giggle, cackle, have the best laugh and it is completely infectious!
9. How sweet you are to your little brother. You love to give him kisses, blow on his belly, point out all of his body parts, bring him his pacifier or blanket or diaper, and offer him a drink from your cup. You are going to be such a good big sister, and I can't wait to see all of the adventures you two have together. It is so special that you are born so close together; I hope that you will be very good friends.

Helping me with Wes!

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