Monday, October 17, 2011

Great weekend!

Randy, the kids, and I had a great weekend back home! We are blessed that our parents live quite close to each other so we can usually see both sets in a weekend. We were also lucky enough to see tons of great friends this weekend, too!

We set off for home early Saturday morning so that we could spend some time at Randy's parents' farm. Randy wanted to check on his miscanthus grass plot. If you are interested in agriculture, check out his grass blog. We then went to Denison for our nephew Taylor's 8th birthday party.

Pizza makes us thirsty!
Quinn wanting in on the action
What a stinker!
After we left Denison, we went to Westside to my parents'. The idea was that Quinn would nap at their house, but she snoozed in the car and was ready to play! My parents cooked an amazing turkey dinner for us Saturday night and we all got to relax and enjoy the kids. This was our first time traveling with both kids, and they did great sleeping overnight at my parents'!

On Sunday, we ventured down to Aspinwall for our dear friend Tina's first annual Halloween/Harvest party! She has four grandbabies under 2, so Quinn fit right in. We are good friends with all of her sons and their wives, so it was nice to be able to visit with them and with Tina, our friends Katie, Luke, and their son Landon. We decorate pumpkins, ate tons of food, and went on a hayride! It was a perfect fall afternoon.

Our family :-)
Quinn dancing in her kitty tutu costume after the car ride home
Happy Halloween!

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