Friday, October 14, 2011

Thankful Thursday

So I didn't get to post yesterday because of the lightning strike, but I have been feeling so thankful lately! My husband commented on how "sweet" I was acting last night. If you know Randy and me well, you will know that while we are very much in love and have a great relationship, we are certainly not a romantic, lovey-dovey couple. We pick on each other, fight like teenagers, roll our eyes at each other constantly...somehow, it all works.

Here is what I am especially thankful for this week:

Living in an area with great amenities but a small-town feel. Wes had a bad cough this week (and still has it), so I took him into our clinic yesterday. It is literally across the street from our day care, down the street from Walgreens, and up the road from work. It is so convenient, and we LOVE our pediatrician. I am so glad I don't have to drive a half hour to go to the doctor, get a prescription filled, etc.

Food. I am ravenously hungry and thirsty all the time and have been eating nonstop. I am also thankful for the excuse "I just had a baby!" and the fact that I am on maternity leave so there is nothing wrong with yoga pants everyday. For now.

Stuff to do in the middle of the night while I am feeding my baby. I love bonding with him and having that "us" time, but it gets pretty boring the third (or fourth or fifth) time I am up each night. I have been very into apps on my Nook, especially word games. Maybe this will give me an edge on party games this holiday season. ;-)

Going out to lunch with my husband. Loved Pizza Hut buffet yesterday; looking forward to more grown-up time (with Wes in tow, of course).

Speaking of my husband....I love that he is an amazing baby-swaddler, that he can carry around a baby (or 30 pound toddler) for hours if needed, that he rarely gets frazzled, that he will eat expired yogurt (or anything) if I ask him to, and that he is just such an amazing daddy in general. All three of us are lucky to have him! He has been great about putting Wes to sleep each night. I'd prefer if he'd stay up and chat with me while Wes is eating, but I'll take what I can get. :-)

For what are you thankful this week?

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