Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween at the Kaspy House

The pictures above are the best shots Randy could get of our little Renaissance princess in her Halloween costume (sans crown). My hopes for a front-door picture each Halloween were shattered as soon as Quinn saw our candy bowl. :-) The girl LOVES suckers. She had maybe had three or four in her whole life before last night, but she had at least that many before trick-or-treating, whilst out trick-or-treating, and home. It was funny: Randy and Quinn had come home and Wes and I were upstairs (we just left the candy bowl outside for kids to take from). Randy heard the front door open, and Quinn had just let herself outside to get more suckers from our bowl, ignoring all of the great candy she had in her pumpkin! Needless to say, she was a sticky little gal by bedtime.

Before trick-or-treating, our neighborhood had a block party. I have been sick, so Randy (a.k.a. Super Daddy) took both kids down to it. Wes didn't wear a costume, but he sported his snowsuit with bear ears, so he was kind of a polar bear cub!

For a cold, windy night, Quinn did great with her dad. Her "trick-or-treat" might have been a little garbled, but we were still proud of her. We are looking forward to taking her out again next year!

Happy Halloween!

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